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My personal favorite out of this year’s projects: Anchoring the Elements. Creating a sustainable strategic urban plan for the Royal Seaport area in Stockholm.

In a team of five students from Malta, Italy, and the US, our job was to create a sustainable vision for the Royal Seaport, which is currently under redevelopment. Our vision was built on strengths and weaknesses of the existing proposal as well as analyses of the local context, including lessons drawn from Hammarby, a previous sustainable development in Stockholm.

Stockholm Stats

Lessons from Hammarby


“Hammarby Sjo?stad, a recent development south of Stockholm city centre, is widely believed to be a successful project. However, Hammarby has unresolved issues and has shown that provision of sustainable technology is not enough to achieve sustainable behaviour. According to Svane (2013), Hammarby houses are no more energy efficient than the neighbouring districts dating from the 17th to 20th century because each Hammarby resident uses 30% more heat.
Some of the development’s high environmental and social ideals were compromised by economic and political pressures. For instance, the initial allocation of 40% municipal housing was later reduced to 18% (Taggart, 2013), while parking sllocstion increased from 0.25 to 0.7 spaces per household. Hammarby does not contribute to addressing Stockholm’s socio-economic segregatation issues as residents belong to an economically homogenous group (Gaffney et al., 2007).”*

Interviews with Locals

Interviews Stockholm-01 Interviews Stockholm-02 Interviews Stockholm-03 Interviews Stockholm-04


“Anchoring the Elements” aims at building an integrated Seaport through the seamless combination of three elements: water, green space, and the human factor.

SRS concept


The Vision is broken down into four strategies that work together to integrate water, the forest, and inhabitants.
The following illustrations show how the site is connected on a conceptual level.

Conceptual map water final
Conceptual map water finalConceptual map landmarks final Conceptual map pedestrian final Conceptual map water final Conceptual map green final


SRS systems-01

* All images, as well as this direct quote, are part of my work at UCL together with Millie, Sharon, Jessica, and Giuseppe. Thanks guys!

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