Our Tottenham

Our Tottenham is a community group taking action in planning and development of their neighbourhood.

In the course of the class Community Participation in City Strategies at University College London, we worked together with the local community to help them set up their own neighbourhood plans. In a team with two other students, it was my task to map community assets, including public services, community facilities, and council housing.

Following lengthy research on free online mapping tools, it came down to Mapbox and Google My Maps. In summary, Mapbox seemed to offer more functions, but require more effort in learning how to use it properly. The basics are simple, but to get into the interesting features, it requires additional software called Tilemill, which involves a bit of coding. Google’s interface, on the other hand, is something most of us were familiar with, and it promised to be the better option for handing off the project to the community after we were finished. A fundamental idea behind the maps was that they would be dynamic and owned by the community, to serve as a basis for community planning projects.

The following maps may be especially interesting to you if you are familiar with Tottenham, or are involved in planning for your own community.

Community Facilities (by Sara)

Housing (by Eleanor)

Public Services (by me)

If you are interested in using My Maps for your own projects, check out the My Maps Tutorial I produced. Most of it is straightforward, but there are some interesting tricks I found out when it comes to importing data or merging maps from different users.

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