Victoria Corridor – Vision


From my group’s Urban Design Project: We believe that cities play a crucial role in humanity’s future, leading the way to sustainable communities. Looking at our analysis, we have found ample opportunity for the Victoria Corridor to develop in ways that can improve the area’s social, environmental, and economic sustainability. We are optimistic that a future with responsible use of resources, reasonable economic growth, and a community that is unified in its diversity, are not only possible but inevitable.

We realize that this ambitious vision requires profound physical and social transformation. We believe that Urban Design can aid this process, as it possesses the potential simultaneously to shape, and be shaped by, the community.

While providing a vision for the future, the Eco-Existence Corridor also looks at the past, as we believe that the historical development plays an important role in giving meaning to a place, as well as providing context for future decisions.

With this vision in mind, we developed four main strategic paths: Harmonious Movement, Sustainable Environment, Historic Rediscovery, and Social Integration.

Eco-Existence Logo

Following the vision, embodied by a multitude of suggestions for more or less invasive changes to the area, we tried to show it all graphically in a single Master Plan:

Master Plan Marble Arch Victoria Corridor

Marble Arch in the future:
Marble Arch

Hyde Park Corner in the future:
Hyde Park Corner

Victoria Station in the future:
Victoria Station

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