Right, so I haven’t told you about SportZiel yet, have I?

Apparently, this used to be a popular tooth paste brand in Austria, about ten years back. A friend was working for a small distributor of sanitary articles that decided to revive the brand, and he gave me the opportunity to come up with some ideas for a packaging design. The objective was to create a design that would be reminiscent of the original brand, and convey a brand meaning of strength, endurance, and youthfulness.

These two were my personal favorites, even though they did not end up as finalists.

I ended up completing the final designs, which can now be bought at all DM Drogerie Markt outlets in Austria. Huzzah! Try them, it’s fun. The paste inside actually has the colour that is on the design.


Please note that the copyright of all designs above belongs to guterrat Gesundheitsprodukte KG.


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