My Multifarious Mobile

It’s great for everything except making a phone call; for instance, there are two expedient apps I’ve been using to create images with my thumb.

I can’t say that one is better than the other, so I’ll go ahead and introduce both. It really depends on your kind of task.

Colours! is €3.99 and worth every cent. It’s really nice for recreational painting. It uses the iPhones tilt sensor to simulate varying thickness or opacity. However, its coolest feature is the built-in online gallery, which lets you browse through other people’s works and upload your own. But not only can you view the paintings, but also watch a replay of the painting process, which makes this app my favorite source for stealing ideas. I mean inspiration.

The second app I’ve been using is called Adobe Ideas. It’s by Adobe, and it’s free, so there’s no reason not to get it. Did I mention it’s also awesome? It has layers and the brush strokes are saved as vectors, so you can export to Illustrator for later use. This makes it especially useful for designers, illustrators or bank robbers or anyone who needs to sketch an idea quickly.

Also, while writing this, I discovered that my iPhone can put my MacBook to sleep if I place it directly over its left speakers. Doesn’t work with my hand, my wallet, nor a large tube of acrylic paint (cadmium yellow). I presently don’t have other objects around for further empiric evidence. Please try it too if you have an iPhone and a Mac and give me feedback if it happens to you…

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